Install Log Error, Registry Key Failure

Chkdsk, unlike defragmenting, it won’t do harm in any way to your drive no matter how frequent you run it. If you have not been running for a while, run it now. It’s recommended that you run chkdsk for each of your hard drive once a month. If chkdsk doesn’t run on next restart, repeat the step above until step 4 before you enter the chkdsk command. This allows cmd to go back to the root directory before executing any command. If chkdsk detects that the drive you want to scan is a boot drive, it will shows “Cannot lock current drive. Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in used by another process“, and ask if you would like to schedule the drive to be checked the next time you reboot/restart your computer.

The revision number will get updated after each hotfix or LCU installation on Windows operating system. You can get more details bout Windows 10 Major, Minor, Build, and Revision numbers. Fixed an issue that changes the device’s current UI language. This occurs during an unattended out-of-box experience language pack installation scenario on a desktop. The following are the two fixes related to SCCM Task Sequence and Intune MDM, as per my understanding. I had not seen or heard about these known issues before this KB article.

  • If they haven’t, try running the repair-Volume-DriveLetter command in Safe Mode.
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  • Windows restore points contain registry hives, if you have restore points these can be used to restore the registry to a previous state.

We’ve also seen mixed reports of success from people following these tricks. Even if it works for you, an update in a few months may result in your computer blue-screening, breaking your operating system and forcing you to reinstall Windows 10.

You can also check the application logs to look for further information of the possible cause. Run a System File Checker to repair corrupt Windows files, which may have caused the error to occur. If this does not help get rid of the error, continue with the next step. Test the hard drive with another computer, or reset the hard drive.


After the reset is done, try logging into your laptop normally to see if the damaged Registry error still appears. Follow the directions from Reset Wizard to conduct the reset process.

Windows 11 Setup To Warn Users Against Installation On Unsupported Hardware

Our experiments show that PLAT is significantly fast, provides real time identification of operational faults and behavioural anomalies, and can execute within a small memory footprint. We now discuss the procedure used by PLAT to find transition times and their corresponding probabilities. Recall that, in our previous signal-time chart example of a Part Loader (see Figure 4), the signals are always ON or OFF for a fixed amount of time. For example, the FORWARD signal is always ON for time .